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#SpaceWatchGL 专栏:东方时报中国航空新闻综述12月6日– 13 Dec 2020

布莱恩·库西奥(Blaine Curcio)和让·德维尔(Jean Deville)

作为SpaceWatch.Global与轨道网关咨询之间合作伙伴关系的一部分,我们被授予发布所选文章和文本的权限。 We are pleased to present “Dongfang Hour 中国 Aerospace 新闻 Roundup 7 Dec – 13 Dec 2020”.

您好,欢迎收看东方时报中国航空航天新闻综述的另一集!在GoTaikonauts!和我们的朋友特别鸣叫 航天工业信息港,都是航天工业新闻的绝佳来源。特别地,我们建议您检查GoTaikonauts!长期的中国报道以及《太空咖啡馆》系列 航天工业信息港。事不宜迟,该新闻从2020年12月7日至13日这一周开始更新。

iSpace 在Hyperbola 2开发中取得进展

iSpace 宣布他们已经完成生产 Hyperbola-2火箭的油箱。该公司的Hyperbola-2将使用液态甲氧萘氧化物燃料,并且是中国第一个用于直径3m以上火箭的普通舱壁燃料箱。

Common bulkhead tanks theoretically allow for more stability, more compactness, and less weight, although at the cost of complexity (structural distribution, thermal insulation). Given that we expect iSpace to launch their SQX-2 liquid methalox rocket next year, we may be in the midst of a liquid methalox rocket race among private Chinese space companies.

(有关常见舱壁的更多信息: 这里 )

iSpace 也于一周前完成 a series of supersonic wind tunnel tests for the vertical landing phase, a crucial moment of the flight with complex aerodynamics and instability. The videos and images released show Schlieren photography done in a supersonic wind tunnel, testing the efficiency of the grid fins during the landing stage. The 文章 also shows CFD simulations of the air flow during this phase.



This launch of LM-11 took place at Xichang on the 9th of December, and put into orbit 2 smallsats of the GECAM mission (aka Gravitational Wave High-energy Electromagnetic Counterpart All-Sky Monitor), and initiated by the CAS Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing.

每颗卫星的名称分别为KX-08A和KX-08B,它们将搭载多种仪器来检测宇宙中的γ/ x波突发。

这些卫星说明了中国的日益重要的作用 在太空科学和天文学中发挥作用, and follows other scientific missions such as Wukong satellite (Dark Matter Particle Explorer) launched in 2015, the Mozi quantum satellite in 2017, or the upcoming SMILE mission with ESA (solar wind-magnetospheric interaction panoramic imaging satellite).


战略中心&哥伦比亚特区的智囊团-国际研究(CSIS), 12月7日发表了一篇关于中国商用航空业的好文章,尤其是从工业和技术角度来看,中国商飞的表现不佳。



  • 中国商飞的不良表现
  • 这些计划经历了重大的延误
  • 工业生产率差(以年生产率为基础)
  • 认证的麻烦
  • 及其对外国供应商的依赖



中国的NRTA 本周宣布 该国广播部门现代化的计划。这包括几个关键短语,即“智能业务”,“ UltraHD / 4K”以及“卫星互联网/融合双向服务”。

The announcement also hits on the convergence of TV and internet access, that is, most TV can be delivered via internet access. Other points of note in the announcement included a call to build a cloud platform for satellite broadcast (建设直播卫星云平台), and to develop “two-way communications” for satellite broadcast that allow for things like online shopping, smart homes, and digitization of small towns (开展直播卫星双向融合业务试验, 推进智能家庭生态、高新视频服务、“数字乡村”栏目、应用商城在直播卫星上的应用试验).

总体而言,该公告应被视为表明中国希望实现其相对古老的线性广播产业的现代化。尽管有些省份的广播电台非常成功,但最值得注意的是 湖南电视台, which at one time was 中国 ’s second-most popular TV station (behind only CCTV1)  As noted in previous episodes, historically 中国 Sat’s broadcast business has predominantly been provincial TV stations, many of which  are currently struggling financially.  For those who want a more in-depth look at Hunan TV in particular, a 今年早些时候《经济学人》的好文章.


Last but not least, the 东方时报 channel has reached 100+ subscribers this week, with a 10% jump in the last few days. While this remains a modest figure, we would like to address a big thanks to our viewers for their support, and hope to bring more valuable content on Chinese aerospace and tech in 2021!

This has been another episode of the 东方时报 中国 Aero/Space 新闻 Roundup. If you’ve made it this far, we thank you for your kind attention, and look forward to seeing you next time! Until then, don’t forget to follow us on 的YouTube , 推特 , 要么 领英 ,或本地播客源。

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布莱恩·库西奥(Blaine Curcio) has spent the past 10 years at the intersection of 中国 and the space sector. Blaine has spent most of the past decade in 中国 , including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing, working as a consultant and analyst covering the space/satcom sector for companies including Euroconsult and 轨道网关咨询. When not talking about 中国 space, Blaine can be found reading about economics/finance, exploring cities, and taking photos.

让·德维尔 is a graduate from ISAE, where he studied aerospace engineering and specialized in fluid dynamics. A long-time aerospace enthusiast and 中国 watcher, Jean was previously based in Toulouse and Shenzhen, and is currently working in the aviation industry between Paris and Shanghai. He also writes on a regular basis in the 中国航天博客。业余爱好包括远足,天文摄影,飞机发现以及客家菜和(一些)宁夏葡萄酒的情趣。


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